How To Invest Your Money & When To Buy Or Rent A House: Tai Lopez

“When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

This is one of my favorite quotes because it illustrates the way the majority of people think.

Before I opened up my real estate course, with my business partner Cole Hatter, many people I spoke to about real estate equated

Renting a house with being poor, and buying a house with being rich.

But if you want to separate yourself from the masses, you have to have to think differently then the masses.

Because the reality of the situation is that there are many celebrities who rent their homes as opposed to buying them.

So do they rent because they can’t afford their homes?

Of course not.

So when should you buy versus when should you rent?

What do you do with your income? Where do you place it to get the highest rates of returns?

In this video I talk about the secrets of how the wealthy invest their money.

Learn what my mentor’s taught me that allowed me to make money while traveling and having fun –

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How To Invest Your Money & When To Buy Or Rent A House: Tai Lopez – Daily Vlog Nov. 5 –…

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