The True Cost of Climate Denial

Shane Smith Investigates The True Cost of Climate Denial (VICE on HBO: Season 5, Episode 1)

President Trump announced the U.S.’s intent to withdraw from the landmark Paris climate agreement – what many said was the world’s best chance to collectively limit the impact on the planet.

The first effects of climate change are already being felt, and projections show that if the world does not take action there could be over $40 Trillion of damage worldwide over the next five decades.

As costs begin to mount, so do allegations that an effort led by ExxonMobil and other powerful interests, have denied climate science and delayed corrective measures for years. In the face of scientific consensus, the Trump administration has ushered some of the people most responsible for denying climate science into the highest levels of government just as states Attorney Generals across the country have sought to hold Exxon, and others, accountable for the damage this misinformation campaign has wrought.

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