‘The Happy Vegan’ & Meat Poisoning the Planet’

Russell Simmons: ‘The Happy Vegan’ & Meat Poisoning the Planet

Russell Simmons sat down with DJ Vlad to talk about his new book The Happy Vegan, and reveals he began living his life like a monk after many years of drug abuse. “We really have issues regarding the consumption of meat. Not only does it make you sick and destroy the planet. But it’s the worst karmic disaster in the history of the world.” He told DJ Vlad, “You can process a lot of bulls**t you’re not supposed to eat, that’s bad for your body. Just cause you can process it, does not make it good for you.”

Watch the full interview above to hear why Russell decided to write the book, how the meat industry’s processes are harming the earth as a whole, and much more.

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