Kool DJ Red Alert Lecture| Red Bull Music Academy

Kool DJ Red Alert Lecture (Seattle 2005) | Red Bull Music Academy

As one of the first DJs to make it onto the radio, Kool DJ Red Alert was there when hip-hop history began. In this talk at the 2005 RBMA in Seattle, Red takes us through the days when it was a local phenomenon, confined to a few blocks in the South Bronx. He talks about Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash and the other legends who laid down the template. We hear about the records that rocked the block parties, the equipment that was used to blow up the sound, the local stars who thrilled the streets and how hip hop was pimped from day one by a pizza parlour boy who cribbed rhymes from his friend to make the first record.

02:37 – The Bronx
08:23 – Kool Herc
18:17 – Afrika Bambaataa
30:51 – Grandmaster Caz
50:30 – Hip-hop
1:05:02 – DJing

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