Jay Morrison Breaks Down Real Estate Crowdfund

How I Raised $10 Million In One Week! – Jay Morrison Breaks Down NEW Real Estate Crowdfund Investing

CEO, Founder, and Fund Manager of The Tulsa Real Estate Fund Jay Morrison explains the TREF business model from A to Z!

Visit https://TulsaRealEstateFund.com/ to fund your Investment Account or call 1-844-73-TULSA for more information.

The Tulsa Real Estate Fund was launched on June 1, 2018 on the 97th Anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre where over 600 Black owned businesses across 36 blocks were bombed and burned to the ground in a racially motivated attack in the Greenwood community. The fund pays homage to the legacy of the wealthiest self sustained African American community in U.S. History and is on the quest to rebuild Black Wall Street neighborhoods throughout the country.

In this video, Jay Morrison teaches a powerful lecture on what the Tulsa Real Estate Fund is, how it works, and how investors/shareholders have the opportunity to receive an 8% preferred return before the 50/50 prorated profit split between the fund and its Managers.

Jay also conducts an in depth breakdown of The Tulsa Real Estate Fund business model from ideation to execution, the lengthy SEC filing process, the investments need to start the fund, how TREF stacks up against other funds, and the decision to be transparent with respect to all operational costs.

Tulsa Real Estate Fund is the economic vehicle for the urban community to collectively pool our dollars to effectively control and revitalize our neighborhoods.

The Tulsa Real Estate Fund (TREF) is the People’s Fund and has proudly begun accepting investments as the FIRST African American owned crowdfunding platform established to revitalize the urban community. TREF provides access to an SEC-regulated & qualified platform to pool our resources in a transparent way. This allows the people an opportunity to finance urban redevelopment in our neighborhoods and combat the displacement of longtime residents and the destruction of our rich culture.

In 2012, President Obama signed the Jobs Act that made this all possible and it was this legislation that eventually opened up real estate investment crowdfunding to non-accredited investors giving average Americans the ability to pool funds as a way to raise capital.

TREF’s mission is to purchase quality real estate projects in distressed neighborhoods, fix them up to sell or buy and hold as rentals providing its investors with an 8% preferred return and 50% share in the profits.

While TREF is the first Black-owned SEC-regulated investment fund, this is not the first time that our people have been self-sustaining. On June 1, 1921, the thriving Black Wall Street community in Tulsa, Oklahoma was destroyed. Today, 97 years later, we plan to rebuild ourselves through the Tulsa Real Estate Fund named in honor of that legacy.

Open your Freedom Account today at https://TulsaRealEstateFund.com/ and fund your account with as little as $500 (10 shares at $50 per share) plus processing fees.

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