Why Do Artists Rarely Use DJs Nowadays?

Why Do Artists Rarely Use DJs Nowadays?

DJs were always an intergral part of the hiphop movement since its inception. However, the DJ has become a rare sight nowadays as fewer and fewer artists are using the skills of a DJ in their productions.
Are we seeing the end of hiphop in its true and original form as the very pillars that held up the house of hiphop are being dismantled?

0:00 – 0:49 Intro + Todays mathematics
0:50 Politickin’ business, yanadameen???
4:35 You don’t eat fish with the EYES???
6:03 Advertize on the Godcast
7:01 We need a battle-rap show
8:09 People who get touchy-feely and invade your space
10:12 Roc Marciano drops “Behold A Dark Horse”
12:25 Featured producers on Behold A Dark Horse
14:05 Featured MCs on Behold A Dark Horse
17:51 A segment on tapes
20:40 Who started “Yes yes y’all!” and “Ho!” call & responses?
22:49 Nowadays you rarely see artists using DJs
23:48 Lord Jamar was a DJ before writing his first rhyme
26:00 “Back In The Days” story…
27:50 Outro

► Lord Jamar – @LordJamar (IG and Twitter)
► Rah Digga – @TheRealRahDigga (IG and Twitter)

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