Here’s How Pure, Clean Cannabis Extraction Works


Cannabis extraction methodology can be complicated and opaque, leaving consumers to wonder how clean their cannabis oil actually is. Capna Systems, however, makes it simple. Chief development officer Gene Galyuk, inventor of the ethos system, shows us how to quickly go from plant material to pure extract using ethanol as a solvent. Via ethanol extraction, Capna a pure, high-THC concentrate — devoid of superfluous constituents — for use in vaporizers, tinctures, and salves.

Cannabis Extraction

What is Cannabis Extraction?

It is the process of obtaining THC-rich cannabis concentrates from the marijuana plants. The concentrates are produced in a scientific manner that utilizes solvents like butane, alcohol or carbon dioxide. The methods for extraction include BHO, ethanol or supercritical CO2, water processes. Extraction processes are utilized to separate cannabis’ components and eliminate them from the plant matrix. Approaches can split cannabis plant material to extracts, or components, that contain compounds that are different. Using cannabis, extraction methods are often utilised to isolate specific desirable compounds, and cannabis comprises at least 113 cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). On the flip side, a producer may try to make one extract that has cannabis chemicals that are desired . In general including components like terpenes, scientists have identified over 550 chemicals in cannabis Adding the cannabinoids. Extraction techniques are utilized to focus chemicals of attention. Extraction is chemistry, not even cooking. Thus, some skills in approaches plus real lab equipment is required to execute these methods properly and safely. Oftentimes, how they are used and also the reagents can create dangerous conditions. A number of the techniques need safety equipment, like a hood. As significant, the extraction procedure has to be performed correctly to generate a safe product for use, and the results should be verified independently with appropriate analytical testing.

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