Benny Sings – Not Enough


Benny Sings – ‘Not Enough’ from the album City Pop (Feb. 22)

Music by Benny Sings & Mayer Hawthorne. Co-production by Renaud Leland. Mixed by Renaud Letang. Mastered by Benjamin Joubert. Director: Bear Damen. DP: Christopher Ripley (LA/35mm). DP: Martijn Melis (AMS/16mm). Producer LA: Ben Narich (Couscous). Producer AMS: Wies Dammers (Czar). Production Designer: Eloise Ayala. Styling: Penelope Strintz. Edit/Post: Bear Damen. Colorist: Christopher Ripley. Lab: Fotokem, Haghe Digital. Special Thanks to Panavision Woodland Hills, Salim El Arja & Jordan Cardoso. Dream Girl: Hailey West. Mother: Anita Khalatbari. Muscle Man: Peter Jablonski. Garden Girls / Car Girl: Charlie Morgan Patton, Algo Brehane. Samurai: Gary Murakami. Audition Girl: Nerea Duhart. Audition Committee: Ben Narich, Theodore Martinez. Special Thanks to Panavision Woodland Hills, Giancarlo Sánchez, Floor Bijkersma, Salim El Arja & Jordan Cardoso

Meet Benny Sings

Dutch songwriter Benny Sings’ most up-to-date track”Enough” fits somewhere within the wide stretch of socalled Yacht Rock and the Arabian tones of jazz, soul and R&B that sail inside, together with a definite homage to the rebound of hip jump.

At the last ten years 5 Benny Sings has, across his successful collection of recordings, pieced together a definitely weird but comforting Patch Work. The songwriter has made an solid although understated allure from his collaborators, who’ve included Anderson .Paak, GoldLink, along with Rex Orange County. The latter, with whom he also wrote the Disney-like struck”Loving Is Easy”, has called Benny”perhaps one of the very underrated producers and artists moving”. It’s of little surprise that Benny finally caught the attention of Stones Throw Records, given their taste for its progressive poles of rap, funk and soul, who will release his sixth studio album City Pop the following month.

Speaking of the course, Benny notes how effective their collaboration was:”We developed a groove plus a number of lyrics, although the actual song developed within my own studio back in Amsterdam. But that track produced by Mayer is super powerful. Therefore the others becomes more easy. Should you listen close you may even hear Mayer beatboxing from the backdrop “

The track charmingly captures the bothersome games and chase of love, you start with Benny playing hard to get after an ex-lover calls him up with her tail between her legs –“It’s not enough You can not shoot my dreams and simply bring back them”, he asserts over a spritely piano line plus Thundercat-esque bass cadences.

Following a glorious break in that the trombone awakens spiritedly with a saxophone in two sublime solos, representing the back and on of our two fans, Benny runs straight back nearly glamorized mirroring her sentiment. However, this time it’s his lovers turn:”It’s not enough, nothing just like that”.

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