Derrick Grace: 4 Cheat Codes About Gold.


Who is Derrick Grace?

Mr. Derrick D. Grace II, is a thriving entrepreneur, full time Father, writer, mentor, and cultural cultivator who hails from Tampa Florida. This city is where he was born, calls home, and continues to be his functioning reasons for the last three years in his quest to create what he dared “The Change”. Grace began out as many folks do, humble flames and blue collar examples. He had to be Sheriff’s Deputy within his respective city early on, because of his law enforcement history through his Father and Grandfather. Not long after achieving a position within his fantasy career, his livelihood will be eradicated because of what he promised was bias and unrighteous ethics. 2012 his working times would cease and also his yearn for liberty could increase even more, after seeing the extended arm of nepotism knock him down. What seemed as a failure at that time, would turn out to be the best thing that occurred to Grace. With an obsession to acquire along with also a sickening workforce, Grace would go to move mountains in only four short years. Mountains such as a thriving retail company, quadrupling his once annual working salary, publishing and releasing the highest apparel app on Google Play, solely creating a his mentorship, releasing his first autobiography, also constructing a city wide speaking resume because of his countless attempts to unveil the will of his own peers. Grace started this trip using a $1500 loan plus a no for the answer attitude. Fast forward to present day and he’s among the only self educated and independent 26 year old mentor.

Oxygen, time and energy are our most precious assets, use them sensibly. I got that and I got us.

derrick grace

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