Navy Seal Full Training Documentary


Full Training Navy Seal Documentary 1-6, interesting to see how the yanks operate and train.

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Navy Seals

The United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams, commonly known as Navy SEALs, are the U.S. Navy’s primary special operations force and a component of the Naval Special Warfare Command.

The Navy Seal Program!

The Navy SEAL Training Program

The Navy SEAL training plan will pressure you beyond your limitations to be sure that you’re worthy to function together with the world’s greatest fighting force. Be ready, stay focused, make mature choices, and know what you’re volunteering for.

SEAL training prepares you for the physical and mental challenges of missions. If you’re up to the battle, you are going to be in amazing physical shape and have the confidence, determination and skills needed to succeed in the modern combat environment.

Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training BUD/S is a seven-month training challenge that develops your mental and physical stamina and leadership abilities. Every BUD/S phase includes timed condition tests, together with the time requirements becoming more each week, demanding. Converse to your Recruiter and go over requirements that are physical to the entrance.

Did you know? SEALs get military pay and allowances, and $375/month dip cover, $300/month SDV cover, $225/month HALO (jump) pay, $110/month special duty assignment pay and assorted amounts per month for second-language proficiency.

BUD/S Phase Descriptions Indoctrination: Gives students an introduction to mandatory BUD/S Methods and performances.

First Phase (Basic Conditioning): Includes continuous physical conditioning. Students study small boat seamanship and surveys and charts.

Second Phase (Diving): Covers SCUBA skills. Students learn circuit battle diving and to complete transit dives that are underwater.

Third Stage (Land Warfare): Contains land navigation, small-unit tactics, rappelling, military land and underwater explosives, and weapons training.

Post-BUD/S Coaching BUD/S graduates attend several more classes before they are assigned to a team:

Fundamental Parachute Coaching Diving medicine and health care skills training at the Special Operations Medical Course (for medical personnel) After all classes are completed, graduates are assigned to a SEAL or Special Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Team for duty.

Advanced Coaching Training, physical conditioning and drills are a part of this SEAL lifestyle. Once you’ve completed the first SEAL training, you can go even further with advanced training, which includes foreign language training, SEAL tactical communications instruction, Sniper, Military Free-fall Parachuting, Jump Master, Explosive Breacher, and even more.

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